Let’s hope for all our sake’s that we never find ourselves living in the world Lennon imagined…

Our Great Grand Parents would have something to say to us upon our arrival in the after world if we allowed for that to happen after they escaped from their grasp.


The Movement For A One-World Government

Posted by Ryan James | Apr 1, 2020 | Politics

There have been many conspiracies over the years relating to a one-world order.

Proponents of these theories believe that there is a secretive cabal pulling the puppet strings around the world, with the end goal being the consolidation of national governments into one all-encompassing world government.

For a long time, many people disregarded these theories…

But they may have been more credible than we thought.

Those conspiracy theorists got a boost this week from former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The Guardian reported, “Gordon Brown…

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