worldwide map of the coronavirus as of today

OPEN THE LINK, THEN BLOW UP (ENLARGE) THE MAP, you can then scale down the list of countries with the numbers of the coronavirus, in order of most to least cases.

Here is an interesting take: The most advanced nations of the world (not completely but for the most part) have the greatest numbers of people with the coronavirus. It dwindles down the chart to the least, which for the most part are 3rd world/less advanced countries of the world. Those with less technology, those with less living luxury, they have fewer numbers of those infected with the virus. WHY IS THAT? Many are smaller countries, but many are heavily populated.

I realize that more advanced nations like the United States make up most of the world’s travel.

There is just something about this chart with the numbers documented and the numerical order. What does it tell us? What are we not seeing?

Something ain’t right!!!

Looks like you have a better chance of living in Afghanistan than you do in the United States today!

Something is rotten, and it isn’t just in Denmark.

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