The condition of things

My feelings exactly………..just said better!

The Lions Den

Greeting to friends across the world, hello to believer kin, evo and atheist neighbors  everywhere. Do consider.

Social distancing? Uh, nnnnno, let’s go with the more correct phrase: social Conditioning. Don’t think so? Bear with my folly, then decide for yourself.

Do you really think that the idea for locking ankle bracelets with GPS trackers to identify c-19 cases was dreamed up last week? Do you honestly believe that a man who lives with his spouse on a 4,000 acre ranch in Northwest Wyoming should be handcuffed and carted away to jail for not keeping his 6′ distance?

At WHAT time in history can you remember when all the nations of the world seemed to be in harmony fighting a common enemy? Does not the very idea of a truce with communism, Al Quaida, pharmaceutical companies, and lousy governance give pause for serious introspection?

It will be found out that…

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