Is this a possibility? NEW WORLD ORDER

I think this is certainly something to be mindful of. A New World Order organization(s) have existed for a long…..long time. Names that creep in like George Soros, Bill Gates…….. Obama, Clintons and others world wide have been involved in the establishment of globalism (New World Order dream of theirs). That is a fact. What is going on right now, people in lockdown, (controlled), initiated from a virus. We’ve had virus’ in the past, without lockdown, without crashing economies……… Are we under a test, one to see how well we cooperate? The governments of the world, are they winning? I do believe there is more to this than controlling a virus!

2 thoughts on “Is this a possibility? NEW WORLD ORDER”

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    The One World Order has been trying to take away our sovereignty for some time and is testing the world. Are we going to allow a group of un-elected bureaucrats make us slaves to their thinking? It should only make us more sure that we are not going this to happen to our country. Our fore fathers came to this country for that one reason to have freedom. If we do, allow it – it means WWII was won for naught and Soros and the Nazis will have won. He is one of the main instigators of this One World Order.



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