china possible act around the corner…….another virus outbreak?

Don’t want to call this a China Virus? WHY THE HELL NOT? Looks like there may be a 2nd act, from where? CHINA! It also looks like they are dealing with this the same way as the COVID-19 by saying nothing until it is obvious. Apparently a man became ill after close contact with a woman that returned from Turkey. CHINA needs to be isolated from the rest of the world, now and forever!

17 thoughts on “china possible act around the corner…….another virus outbreak?”

  1. 100% AGREE!! But the masses are forever psychotic, and therefore, they only follow those “leaders” who are the LOUDEST,,, no one cares, but a few of us, about how hellishly stupid and globally deadly ” ideas ” for “controlling” are, as these “ideas” in their core are to ultimately threat everyone, that unavoidably lead to colossal disasters: economic, health wise, cultural and environmental…

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    China is guilty in addition to the World Health Organization and Bill Gates, et al,, and would bet your botty that Obama/Schumer/Pelosi’s hands are also dirty. Why haven’t any of them caught it – just the peons?
    did this committed murder on the world which is no different than planting an atomic bomb on the world – the virus is now called a weapon of mass destruction. Now who is responsible for this is the question?

    Whoever is guilty of this inhuman act should be punished to the fullest of the law. The world should put a bounty on the people who did this.




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