Sharon The Pentecost

The Butcher Shop

The little girl knelt in front of the statue of Mary and prayed. She prayed the beginning of her Rosary, and then stopped for a few minutes, overcome with emotion. Then, slowly, she began again. Her emotions were so wild that she could hear her heart in her chest. She began to pray in rhythm with the beating of her heart. Reality faded, and she was in a small room.

Very little furniture was in the room. The door was barred shut. The room was full of men, all frightened, all anxiously watching the door. Then, the roughest looking of the group rose and said something to them that she could not understand. Almost on cue, they all went to their knees, and began to pray. She noticed that the youngest of the men looked like the man she’d seen in the garden. He was angry, and would not pray…

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