arlin report thought(s) of the day: how about that border question now?

There is more than one reason for closing our border, right? More people are now questioning/asking if “maybe we should close our border”! Maybe if the coronavirus slaps into the elite community of Hollywood some of those miserable complainers would start a revolution to “close the border”. Naaa! Probably not. Don’t get me wrong I don’t wish this virus on anyone, not Hollywood or even the Democratic presidential candidates. But, I would favor quarantining all the Democratic Socialists candidates. Put them in a room together and keep them there till after November. They are as bad an infectious disease.

Back to the border. Remember when part of the reason for have a border was to keep out illegals entering, those bringing their criminal persona, drugs and yes DISEASE. Now not all those infected by this virus are illegals. The borders are where the screening must begin for all, even citizens that may be infected. Strong borders will help with this screening. Those that may enter must be quarantined and treated immediately. I know this is not absent from our medical authorities.

Its a difficult issue to have to deal with, but it can be if all work together, wisely. Bloomberg could better serve this nation by donating that 400 million to medical research.

Joe Biden, you don’t have the cure? You haven’t been working on one? You claim to have been involved in EVERYTHING ELSE!

By the way, Trump won another debate last night!

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