arlin report thought(s) of the day: stop calling me!!!! bernie take care of this!

I am 67 years old. I graduated from Missouri Southern State University in 1974. Yeah, a long time ago! I never had a student loan. I paid for my tuition and costs by working summer jobs and with a partial scholarship. Yet I keep getting these phone calls about “my student loan”. The call is always a recording, never get to actually talk with anyone, I’ve just been ignoring them. They are however getting annoying. I’d really like to speak with someone, so I can explain I have no need for a student loan or if I do decide to go back to college for some “adult education”, or recreational classes, there is no need for a loan. We all know Bernie Sanders is going to provide us all with a free education. No conditions, right Bernie? Age won’t place limitations on your education program will it? It won’t be like your medicare for all where an old guy like me is just shoved aside once you reach a certain age…… just die off. The doctors office is only for people under 65!

By the way Bernie, I’d really like you to repay me for all of my past educational and healthcare costs dating back to my birth. That would only be fair, especially if you are going to give all this free stuff to illegal immigrants here and those coming.

Be straight with people Bernie, you know damn well socialism doesn’t work……… but I get it, crazy promises will get you some votes. Here is a fact…….. your love for socialism and your naive brain, really has you convinced Russia’s world is great and wonderful. There aren’t enough voters out there that think the same way you do Bernie. You have gained a following through a sector of those that have gone through the dumbing down process. You do have a following, I am sorry to say, ignorant enough to accept your every word. You’d make a great cult leader! Oh, wait, you did live in a kibbutz (a commune) for quite some time didn’t you? A world where everything was shared by all. Was your job washing the veggies? During the next debate would you explain to Bloomberg that life on the farm isn’t that simple?!

Bernie, under your program when do you stop going to the doctor’s office? Hows that heart?

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