The Lone Cactus

It’s started to leak out already that Michael Bloomberg has plans to reduce healthcare costs. Now, saying that, you may think that’s a great thing. We all think it’s too expensive when we go to the doctor, or God forbid, have to spend a night in the hospital, or worse…intensive care, where the bill can easily skyrocket to six figures a day.

Well, wait just a doggone minute.

It’s not going to be that easy…especially if you are over, say 50 years of age (which includes most voters for president in this country!) So, what’s Mike Bloomberg’s cure for, let’s say, cancer? He wants to judge how you get treated by how old you are. Not on your ability to pay. Not on the fact that life itself is sacred. Not on the fact medicine needs to be advance so we can beat cancer pretty much every time out. He…

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