Arlin Report Thought(s) of the Day: Rod Blagojevich….you’ll always be bags to me, scum bag that is!

Democrats are in an uproar over the pardons/commuted sentences by Donald Trump, our/your president. Here are the numbers of presidents past, along with Trump. Look who boasted a cool 1,927!!!

Carter: 566 Reagan: 406 H.W Bush: 77 Cigar Bill: 459 George W: 200 Obama: 1,927 Trump: 26

I have to admit I nearly threw up when I heard POTUS commuted the sentence of Illinois’ BAG boy (as I call him). Real name Rod Blagojevich. Bags is a lying, arrogant (to an extreme) con artist and Illinois’ former governor, impeached and removed from office in shame. Out on day one, he is screaming “I DIDN’T DO IT”. Yes he did, they have him incriminating himself on a recorded phone call…….selling Obama’s Illinois seat. Truth is, he did serve 8 years of 14……..the 14 was a little excessive, even for a scum Bag. Put some paint on this guys face and you have “The Joker” in real life.

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