can the president control the doj

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If you open and scan the above link (don’t even start to read unless you have the entire day) look for the following section, it seems to apply to the topic of the day.


I had said in an earlier posts that Trump should just pardon Stone and Flynn. A reader suggested ‘why pardon? That requires an admission of guilt. Instead withdraw the case. ‘

I wondered if the President had the right to do so. Scholars apparently would argue whether he does or does not. It is my understanding he may have the right, but it would be highly controversial.

With today’s Democrats, criticizing everything Trump, can you imagine if Trump did withdraw the Stone and Flynn cases? LOL, Nancy and her ape shit House Dems would be back with an impeachment hearing next week. Its easy to do that now that there is no protocol.

3 thoughts on “can the president control the doj”

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    Now that we have gone through an illegal impeachment process with Schumer/Pelosi, l we all know the law is of no consequence to them – they only apply the law when it is to their advantage.

    They continue this “guilty until proven innocence” gobbledygook because they are lawless themselves. It is time for the DOJ to quit piddling around and do their job instead of getting into a brawl with the people who elected the President.

    AG Barr needs to clean the DOJ and Wray at the FBI houses of the Obummer’s crooks and then maybe they can go forward.


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