No, Nancy Pelosi Did Not Violate Federal Law . . . Just Decades Of Tradition — JONATHAN TURLEY

As I have discussed, the conduct of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., during the State of the Union was reprehensible and she should either promise to comply with the traditions of the House or step down as speaker. She committed three major transgressions against those traditions in changing the greeting to the President, making critical…

No, Nancy Pelosi Did Not Violate Federal Law . . . Just Decades Of Tradition — JONATHAN TURLEY

13 thoughts on “No, Nancy Pelosi Did Not Violate Federal Law . . . Just Decades Of Tradition — JONATHAN TURLEY”

  1. 18 U.S. Code 2071 & Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978 both disagree with the legality of what she did. It was a blatant violation of federal law, committed on national television, meaning that there are tens of millions of witnesses. While I doubt very much that she will be, she really ought to be prosecuted.

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      1. Agreed. It is the fault of the American people, you know? We the People allowed our employees (the government) to establish a separate, protected, political elite that has little to no accountability for just about anything that they do. The Founding Fathers never intended for this to happen.

        In fact, that’s why they created the Bill of Rights, to protect and preserve the preexisting rights that the people kept to themselves as part of the social compact, and now the people whom are supposed to working FOR us are seeking to remove the rights that were meant to keep them subservient.

        Basically, the watch dog is in the process of chewing through the leash with the intent of harming their handler, and the handler is busily picking his nose and drooling.

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      1. Just read your post. Well written, and I agree 100%. I hope and pray that my daughters never look to people like Nancy Pelosi for examples of how women ought to behave.


  2. Looks like the ladys in white struck out again. Remember the last time the ladies in white were sitting there, refusing to acknowledge Trump. I am sure we commented on that then, now they have struck again, but I notice AOL was missing…


    1. You said ladies in white! AOL isn’t a lady and yes she was missing. Trump would have given her a nervous breakdown. The ladies in white, didn’t really act like ladies either. I also heard today, I don’t recall who, but she is a Democrat; seriously stated she believed the Russians were behind the caucus fiasco in Iowa. She was dead serious. She need not look any further than her own party. Good hearing from you!


  3. That was priceless, I saw it yesterday night on a Fox News show. They look bad, they can´t go to battle with Trump at his level, it´s pouring gasoline to the fire Trump, he just grows with it and burns the opponent. What I know is that she didn’t introduce him according to the rules, he gave her the written speech and she went to shake his hand and Trump just turned leaving her holding the air. So out of frustration and him making her look like an idiot which she dissolved for not following protocol, out of frustration she did that, which it is even worst optics, makes her look really bad. And Trump keeps on soaring in the poles, go figure with this guy. The Dem´s are actually making his campaign, he figured out a way to make the opponents campaign for him, that’s a laugh.

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    Having worked in the corporate world as a woman, working with women is a challenge every day due to the pettiness that goes with the territory as witnessed at the latest episode of “Nancy’s race against time.”

    kommonsentsjane .


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