arlin report thought(s) of the day: Now you see why they are seated on opposite sides.

I will not place a photo of the missing handshake or the ripped speech by Pelosi above these comments. Frankly, I don’t care that Pelosi chose to respond the way she did. I have come to expect it. Ripping the speech did not change what the President stated. It will not change who Trump introduced in the gallery. Pelosi’s behavior was the repercussion of someone in the moment totally helpless and powerless. In the moment there was not a damn thing she could do to over shadow THE PRESIDENT.

Rep. Debbie Dingell (Democrat) said Trump’s State of the Union Address “depressed her”. I am sure it did! She also criticized it was partisan and that Trump made no attempt to unify the country. REALLY? Did the Democrats help heal the division by snubbing the guests introduced in the gallery? Did they heal the division by remaining seated during the mention of those undisputed accomplishments that favor our nation? NO they did not. Quite honestly, they remained very much partisan, anti-trump and quite frankly came across as anti-American. Now you see why the Dems sit on one side and Republicans the other. Division!

Quite frankly, I found during last night’s address, Trump was Trump.

Even if the handshake was purposely avoided by Trump, I get it. You are going to shake the hand of the Speaker of the House that ordered her goons to impeach you with parodies and lies? Maybe Trump could have been the better person and shook Pelosi’s hand when she extended it. She didn’t exactly give Trump a warm welcome, or even introduce him with the proper and customary protocol. We don’t know what Pelosi would have done if he had shaken her hand. With her behavior throughout the evening as it was I can see her wiping away the touch of Trump on her clothes, or something childish like that.

Like I said, I could care less that Pelosi ripped the speech. I do ask though, ‘Why do you rip something in the end that you gave soooo much attention to and shuffled during the speech’? Possibly knowing you are in view of the camera all evening and are doing anything you can to place attention on yourself. This is really the action of a helpless, disturbed, and powerless individual swallowed in frustration.

I have often heard how ‘Pelosi is ingrained in Trump’s head’. Last night Trump was most definitely in the head of the Speaker. Acquittal today will most likely drive her to drink………..some more.

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