Iowa…….joe biden might as well be in ohio

This just in from the Iowa caucus: Apparently the Democrats have rejected all the Democratic candidates for 2020. And no Michael Bloomberg did not get written in either. (Of course I am just kidding…….sort of).

Michael Bloomberg is not big enough to fix the Democratic Party mess. Not even from a box.

Chaos in Iowa, it seems to be following them everywhere these days!

One thought on “Iowa…….joe biden might as well be in ohio”

  1. Had to smile, “sleepy Joe”,and still no results?
    Hope you enjoy this one
    In a metaphoric way I actually predicted it, I made a mishmash of places which those places are the candidates and end with the sentence the words “who falls” as in saying that it´s very uncertain and very close all those candidates. I´m actually a pretty good political hack, born into a family in politics, I´m the black sheep, but I myself could predict there was going to be that chaos and even wrote it in that short metaphoric crazy poem. I think the poem is funny for Republicans that is.


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