Image result for photos of surveillance cameras of jeffrey epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was a high profile prisoner. He wasn’t exactly your average citizen sitting in a jail cell for the night for disorderly public conduct.

If you believe for one minute the video equipment just happened to fail, or the tape just suddenly came up missing, I have some magic beans to sell you. I guarantee you, if I were in that cell, there would be top notch video available of my every move.

What went on in Epstein’s cell was not to be seen by anyone! Not because of Epstein’s appearance but the appearance of someone else. If Epstein committed suicide, what would it matter who saw it? It wouldn’t, he would be dead with or without video. It is the someone else that matters here. Someone did something. And, I still have a problem with someone as wealthy and arrogant as Epstein committing suicide no matter what he did. They believe their wealth will set them free. Often, too often, that is the case. No, someone, many actually benefited from Epstein being dead. Some of the names you’d recognize.

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