john kerry: better off in iran! He’d be an ass-et!

Though he is a treasonous jackass!

Image result for Recent photos of John Kerry in Iran
ABC News May 2019

In 2018 while in Paris there are photos of John Kerry with 3 Iranian officials. He denied meeting with them. Pictures prove he did and that he lied about it. That’s nothing new coming from anyone having served in the Obama administration.

President Trump wanted to have Kerry prosecuted for meeting with the Iranians. He may still be secretly be doing it, as is rumored.

If Kerry is meeting with Iranians still, he should go to Iran and stay in Iran. He’d actually be conducting secret talks, believing he is helping THEM. Truth is, John Kerry has NEVER been right about much of anything. If Kerry is giving advice to the Iranians, he’d most definitely be helping us (though he thinks he’d be helping them). Kerry hates Trump. He has spoken badly about Trump to the Iranians in the past. Kerry doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. What is good for us is ………..unless the Iranians are finding this out for themselves, Kerry is an idiot that can only lead THEM to trouble. But Kerry is too arrogant to understand his own ignorance.

So, John Kerry go and stay in Iran. Problem you have is you’ll have to take some of your wife’s money on pallets with you! They are going to expect something other than your advice! You know, something like……cash on pallets your Obama bud gave them. Be careful though John, the Iranians may partially blame you for bad advice that got their favorite general killed.

John it would be beneficial for your health if you learned to lie better. You’re too easy to uncover, you’re too obvious, Mr. Obvious!

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