“Nancy We, I mean you have a problem!

Image result for Mirror image of nancy pelosi

photo from Vanity Fair.

Can’t make this up! These are not normal people.

They’ll follow her anywhere!

8 thoughts on ““Nancy We, I mean you have a problem!”

  1. Tell me is photoshop…..
    The witch definitely has them walking like ducklings, you know the momma duck in front and all the little babies following her in line right behind her.
    And what in the world? She’s in the ladies room? You couldn’t make this up for sure. They even plot their next deceitful maneuver while putting on make up, now that I think about it they think about how to destroy this president even while sleeping. And is going to backfire big time for them with the impeach…only a peach it´s what they’re gonna do.

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