worse than we think, biden’s money laundering? ………ukraine

Is this why Hunter doesn’t want his finances released?

In D.C. and it’s relationship with foreign nations, especially corrupt nations, bad things that happen are usually worse than we ever thought possible. Joe Biden has been around for a long time. He knows were personal opportunities lie. His gold mine in the Ukraine may now be falling apart.

Theory, my theory: Hunter Biden isn’t smart enough to get a board position with Burisma, or any country in the Ukraine for that matter on his own merits. What is the connection here? Daddy! V.P. Joe Biden was given the Ukraine by Obama on U.S./Ukraine relations, aside from our ambassador. So, Daddy Joe pulled strings to get Hunter on the Board of Burisma. It wasn’t difficult, Burisma is one of the Ukraine’s most corrupt companies. What did Joe promise to nail down the position for his son. The same son who was/is a drug addict and was booted from the Navy. Not exactly good talking points on a resume. How does money laundering fit in here? Tune in to OAN’s Chanel Rion to find out. They actually met with Ukrainian witnesses they may have a lot of answers.

The Democrats are getting really deep in crimes, protecting high elites from their party. Has money laundering become a practice with the Democrats? Joe knows more about Hunter’s role with the Ukraine than he has claimed. Joe Biden is as corrupt and dirty as it gets in D.C.

If Donald Trump had not been elected president, we wouldn’t be learning any of this. Donald Trump’s election opened a door Democrats could not help but get lured through. Their own arrogance of power and attitude that they are untouchable has exposed their corruption at a level more shocking than we could ever imagine.

The thin ice they are walking on may be near cracking. There are good people digging to find truth, truth in our own nation’s corruption. They can expose it, but they need people like you and I to spread the word, the information like OAN’s reports. We can and must get more involved if we are to make a difference. This is the kind of thing that can give us hope during times it feels hopeless.

Stay tuned…………

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