arlin report thought of the day: impeachment hearing…..bored again

Even the Democrats, while they were listening to the attorney BS looked more than bored with today’s hearing. Will Rep. Jerry Nadler be able to stay awake today? He had trouble keeping his eyes open last week.

During today’s hearing the Democrat’s special counsel kept harping on, driving the point that Trump asked the Ukrainian president to “do him a personal favor though” in the July 25th phone call. That is BS. Trump never ever said “do me a personal favor”. The Dems say this is a personal favor request to help him with the 2020 election. Trump never said anything about the 2020 election or to “do me a personal favor though”. He said to paraphrase, “Do us a favor though”. Yes, he asked the Ukrainian president to look into the 2016 election and Joe and Hunter Biden. Trump had the right to ask about corruption that may have taken place. Joe Biden threatened the Ukraine with withholding funds if they didn’t fire the prosecutor that was investigating Biden’s son Hunter. That, Biden admitted doing during a videoed interview.

If, as the Democrats often preach, “no one is above the law” that would include Joe Biden. Being a political candidate does not give him immunity. Period!

Have a great day! By the way, as of this very moment, our representatives continue to waste millions of your tax dollars in a hearing they know is going nowhere. Do you have any roads or bridges in need of repair? Do you want our president to just hand over your money to nations with a history of extreme corruption? Do you think we could lower our taxes a bit more, if more of this scandalous BS was not taking place? What could these funds do for us? The cost of these hearings are inching up towards amounts of dollars given in foreign aid. Are we helping ourselves with these hearings? NO!

Have a great day!

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