censuring trump

A couple of House Reps are backing away from impeaching Trump. As one states “It has no value at this time”. Think about that “no value”. No value to the Democrats? It wouldn’t have value….. it is a bad mark , its about shaming and then a move to remove in the Senate (a trial). It is a devaluation process. The Democrats entire purpose of this impeachment sham is for their own gain. They believe, and arguably so that it is their best/only chance of defeating Trump in 2020. One of their own pretty much admits that with “It has no value at this time”. She sees writing on the wall, that Americans do not want impeachment. It has been a waste of time and massive dollars, while nothing gets done (a do nothing Congress).

So now they want to publicly slap Trump on the wrist. Censure! Okay, that literally means nothing. It is a reprimand. It is a declaration, a formal statement of we don’t like this guy, we don’t like what he has done. Schiff would probably be the author of such a statement. LOL! We already heard it, in the hearings, the pressers………even while on Thanksgiving leave. The Democrats have been informally (and at least once formally) been censuring Trump since day one! They didn’t like his tweets…..remember! Guess what, they still don’t. Some Democrats probably have no idea what censuring the President even means. I am sure they believe it would be an order to “shut him up and take away his powers”. They are that stupid. See the link below.

Click to access R45087.pdf

Congress has no disciplinary authority over the President except through impeachment. Thus, presidential censure resolutions express the “sense of” the House and/or Senate without additional legal implications.6

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