arlin report thought of the day: bribery

Now it is did he bribe or didn’t he bribe the President of the Ukraine.

The President, speaks with foreign leaders/diplomats, which would include Prime Ministers and Presidents often. You would expect your president to do that, its part of the job, his duty. What is the purpose for discussions, talks with foreign leaders? Negotiating the interests of each country. Negotiating quite often means give and take. We’ll do this if you do that. We’ll give up this if you give us that. Something for something. In a since it is bribery, legal bribery. A parent often bribes their child with something to get them to behave or ………..clean your room and I’ll give you some ice cream.

The Founding Fathers were concerned about bribery. They were concerned a foreign country would Bribe the President (and leaders), they were not as concerned if the President bribed a foreign country; unless of course it was for personal gain. Did the President bribe the Ukraine to help his 2020 re-election? I think that is a hard sell. Is that personal gain, or to assure Democrats don’t take the White House and reverse all the good done for Americans? That isn’t personal. We do enjoy a great economy, unemployment numbers down, minority employment at all time high. The argument on bribery favors Trump. On a personal basis, if he went back to public life it would be more profitable. CASE CLOSED! Impeachment inquiry is a waste of your tax dollars. Who is working for you? Trump or Adam Schiff’s House?

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