Duct tape fixes everything

There was/is an answer to controlling Adam Schiff’s mouth. DUCT TAPE! Republicans complain about Schiff not allowing them to ask questions. Tape Schiff’s mouth shut and just ask your questions. Keep his mouth taped so he can’t guide and/or instruct the witness to answer or not to answer questions of Schiff’s choice.

I find it disturbing actually that the Republicans haven’t had the backbone to put this wimpy ass Adam Schiff in his place. Really, Adam didn’t let us ask questions? I know Schiff is the “chairman” and controls the hearings, but please………be a bit disruptive. You know he can’t handle it. He’ll get up and leave, like he did when you raided him earlier. Just don’t allow him to escort the witness out with him. Do you not see, those are witnesses who have already been schooled on how to answer Schiff’s questions?

You want to have some real fun, Duct Tape Schiff to his “Chair”, then tape his mouth. Make him sit there and watch a Republican (Jim Jordan or Devin Nunes) ask questions. Then when the hearing is over, leave him there, since he likes the basement so much.

Everybody knows Adam Schiff is a lying piece of crap, shut him up!

Duct Tape, it is for “Mult-Use”, home, office, shop and The House.

Image result for duct tape
Image result for photos of adam schiff with duct tape around mouth

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