arlin report thought of the day: pathology report following prostate surgery

I won’t bother you with all the details; I had my follow-up visit (Thursday) with the Urologist Surgeon that performed my robotic prostate surgery (removal) Thursday, Oct. 24th. I am happy to say I am now cancer free. The cancer was in fact confined to my prostate, had not yet spread to any other part of my body. I am very fortunate.

I know there are many people that say, “oh you should do radiation” or “you don’t need surgery, you can control this with diet” or “take these pills”. But, I am more than pleased with my decision to remove the prostate surgically. It’s gone, if the cancer ever comes back, it won’t be in my prostate. There is always a chance cancer could show up near or where the prostate once was. The chance is slim, and the chance of spreading somewhere has been reduced to nearly zero. I can always end up with cancer again in my lifetime but it won’t be prostate. My decision worked for me.

The robotic surgery was amazing and interesting. Human hands never enter the body, only the robots arms. I have virtually zero pain, other than soreness. I had bloating, and constipation for a few days, but it too has been reduced to slight. Recovery is 4-5 weeks. Just doing a lot of walking, no heavy lifting. If you have prostate cancer and are between surgery, radiation or doing nothing…..I recommend the robotic surgery. If you are afraid of surgery, there really is nothing to fear. When I woke up in recovery, I was alert, hardly drowsy, with little pain. I was up walking quickly, after lunch. 🙂

I made the right decision, for me! The doctor, looked like he just got out of college was great. St. Lukes Hospital in Chesterfield, Missouri was wonderful. My procedure could not have gone better.

Robotic prostate surgery was a breeze compared to the open heart (Aortic valve replacement) surgery I had back in April.

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