and the impeachable offenses are……….are….?

So basically what Adam Schiff and Nancy Peolsi have come up with as far as an impeachable offense, which they really need to state prior to taking a vote; is “abuse of power”. A very general, vague offense that must be backed by a specific event of the actually abusive moment(s). THEY HAVE NONE!

If anyone has abused their power it has been Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. Their abusive moments have been taking place and continued in Schiff’s basement on the Hill.

This like the Russian collusion is a hoax. After this fails, they’ll look for something else. The waste of taxpayer money by these political goons is abusive in itself. The Whistleblower is even a fake. Someone designed to act out as a whistleblower, assisted by Adam Schiff, with an Obama, Brennan and Clapper history, Trump hater.

There has been plenty of abuse of power, but not from Donald Trump. They are trying to create a false image of the POTUS, one that matched what they said and hoped he would be (a corrupt, ignorant, reckless president), but turned out not to be.

This is treasonous, and many heads should be held accountable. President Trump was right……..we should treat those treasonous like we once did.

By the way, the drive for impeaching Trump started 18 minutes after he was elected. Talk of impeachment started before even the election. The Insurance Policy!

5 thoughts on “and the impeachable offenses are……….are….?”

  1. You’re not going to get the list of impeachable offenses this early! That would come during the impeachment vote when they have the articles drawn up. They don’t want to give the Senate time to research and come up with a defense until they have to! Not that it’s going to make a difference!


    1. But we should know what it is they are investigating/ spending tax dollars on……..just saying abuse of power is BS. They have nothing, they are fishing. Article of impeachment; Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose to a business man!

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      1. Oh, I know what you’re saying is 100% true and you’re exactly right. But they don’t see it that way. They’re sore losers and babies…and this is the way babies act when they don’t get their way.


    2. Impeach Trump to shut him up, keep him from draining the Swamp. It won’t work, in or out of office, they’ll never shut up Trump. There is only one way to shut him up…….. The Swamp’s Queen has a hit man on quick dial.

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