arlin report thought of the day: adam schiff’s dungeon

Image result for Photos of Adam Schiff leaving the bunker

The representatives on the Hill are calling the room where Adam Schiff takes “witnesses” regarding that horrible phone call between Trump and the Ukraine president as a “bunker”. A bunker would be a place/a hole in the ground where you run for cover for protection from attack or a severe storm. Adam Schiff is not interested in protecting anyone, except possibly “the one” that will give him the answer he is looking for, whether it is the truth or not. Shifty Schiff is pushing, using Gestapo like tactics to force an answer to his inappropriate questions to his likening. The room is more like a “dungeon”, where witness are held and intimidated. Many from The House are kept from the room out of view of Schiff’s possibly unlawful display of self imposed power, to a point where Little Adam may and should be a witness to his own crimes.

We are interrogating the wrong people. Of course Little Adam will only lie as telling the truth under oath means nothing to a member of the Deep State especially during their operations.

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