The Democratic Party’s Hillary problem

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I’m not a doctor or even a nurse, but I can tell you — something is wrong with Hillary Clinton.

Her lies, backstabbing, and refusal to accept that she lost or that her time in politics has passed reached a new nadir this week when she repeated her completely ridiculous claims that Jill Stein — and now US Army Reserve Major Tulsi Gabbard — are Russian assets.

At first, I thought the right-wing was exaggerating this and/or fabricating it because I couldn’t imagine Hillary actually saying something so stupid. But it was true. Upon reflection, however, it isn’t even the dumbest thing she’s ever said. Hillary is single handily destroying the Democratic Party and if they don’t call her out on all this and remove her from the spotlight, she’s going to cost them more than the White House.

Why is Hillary even in the national narrative? I think I…

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