arlin report thought of the day: adam schiff vs. donald trump

Does anyone actually believe that Adam Schiff is smarter than Donald Trump? Honestly? Schiff gets caught in his lies as soon as they come from his mouth. Trump has been several steps ahead of Schiff throughout this bogus impeachment (LOL) “inquiry”.

Even when Geraldo says Trump should not cooperate with Congress until they vote on proceeding with impeachment, the inquiry is bogus as well. They aren’t voting because they have nothing.

Hunter Biden, giving up his China position. “He wasn’t doing anything wrong” says Daddy Joe. But Hunter will quit doing it.

Back on Adam Schiff: A witness testifying can be locked up for lying. The committee representatives, especially Adam Schiff, there are no repercussions for lying. They aren’t/haven’t been held accountable. They should receive the same punishment. Perjury! They took an oath of office. They were sworn in. Should be responsible for honesty in office. So why aren’t they? Because those that are responsible for holding them accountable, don’t want to be held accountable when it circles around.

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