Trump has to go … for what, who knows?

Well said.

Cry and Howl

I guess we’ll just have to see how this whole impeachment thing plays out in the coming months. There are several things I find very curious and just can’t seem to get a grip on. We know, at least those of us who tear ourselves away from the main-stream media ‘news’ that the Democrats and unsavory characters (hold-overs from team Obama) have been pushing impeachment since even before Trump was sworn in. That is a proven fact. There’s no real point in going over the mountain of evidence of how the Trump campaign was literally spied on, infiltrated by lewd fellows of the baser sort, and set up for a phony investigation (investigating what, no one knows) which was really a two year cover-up for Obama and Hillary. The so called “Deep State” was ‘shown the man’ and a crime had to be uncovered. As Mueller failed to find anything…

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