not playing by these house rules

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When I was a kid if I was playing a game, no matter what kind, if my opponents (friends/neighbors) did not play by the rules and/or changed them as they went along……..I wouldn’t play, until they did. So, why would Donald Trump play this game of impeachment with the House. I am reluctant to say with only the Democrats in the House, because only a handful of Republicans seem to even care.

Adam Schiff is the first to scream OBSTRUCTION when Trump or his administration doesn’t comply to demands of the House. Yeah, lying Adam Schiff, straight arrow Adam Schiff, I play by the rules Adam Schiff. We know better than that. Adam Schiff is as twisted and crooked as it gets in Washington. Why would anyone play along with him, let alone listen to him? Unless you have a Trump card to play!

6 thoughts on “not playing by these house rules”

  1. I still can’t figure out why nobody questions politicians getting rich, when they were not independently wealthy when they became a politician. These assholes are supposed to work for “We the people”, not doing whatever they please for the highest bidder, and getting rich doing it. I say it’s time to remove the whole bunch of them from office!

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    1. It has become a tightly kept club. Democrats and Republicans alike belong. They’ll bicker, pretend to be at each others throats, its all theater. Behind closed doors, they are patting each other on the backs and calling us fools. Which we have been. This is why Trump was never welcome, he is close to We the People than to them. His battle is our battle and its against very high odds. They are strong because they have been building this for a long time. We’ve been needing to crash the party for a long time. We are knocking on the door and it scares them. We haven’t scared them enough yet. We need to blow their house down and butcher these pigs.

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  2. They write their own rules, so they are manipulate them as they see fit.
    Where but in politics can a person walk in the front door with holes in their shoes and a few years later step into their chauffeur driven limo
    What a meal ticket they have!!

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