minneapolis…….trump rally… on the street mental illness

Trump supporters and protesters exchanged taunts outside Target Center Thursday night.

So tonight on the streets outside the Trump Rally (Minneapolis) what I saw (and you possibly) was evidence of wide spread “mental illness”.

Unfortunately there may have been people there to protest with an actual message that were overshadowed by those there solely for the purpose of instigating violence. Police officers for the most part were the targets of these Antifa………and I am certain other organized groups. So, are they against Trump (of course), but Law Enforcement? The answer to that is yes. They know they (Antifa) are going to break laws, create violence, riot, assault, vandalize ……etc., etc. Police Officers are in their way. Bonnie and Clyde had more love for police officers than Antifa. What they are, are cowards hiding behind masks.

Above I asked “Are they against Trump?” and answered “of course”……..but most couldn’t tell you why. Many are just followers, the type acting out what their parents warned them of “if somebody told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?” Yes, yes they would. These people are easy to point out. They are standing, screaming……shouting at what appears to be no one in particular. Heads arched to the sky……mouths wide open with a screech, babbling. Little to no message. So, what good are they doing except gaining attention. They get plenty of that. Antifa recruits followers. It makes them bigger, stronger, louder. just not smarter.

I want to talk about those wearing masks. Some, probably because they already have warrants out for arrests, can’t be seen. Then there are those that don’t want mommy and daddy to recognize them. I saw one teenager (about 18-19) place a cloth over his face when he suddenly realized the camera was on him. You’re on candid camera!!! Mom may have seen you little guy!

While I was watching, my first thought about the crowd outside and the behavior was honestly ‘Wow streets filled with people with mental illness’. Let me be clear, I am not in anyway saying people that protest are mentally ill. Not at all! I am speaking of those out of control, and could not rationally explain why. While there is violence around them (they inflict), they smile, laugh and dance, like psychopaths. Those with a real message can chant, sing and shout out……..but they do it without the violence.

One thing I did not see tonight, and it is now 11:27 PM was any police brutality. The police officers in Minneapolis did a great job. They appeared to get everyone attending the rally out of the parking lots safely and on their way. The crowds tried surrounding the lots to block the Trump supporters from leaving. What that proves I am not sure. Then there are those that are just plain evil, bad. Mental illness does not excuse them. Its difficult, because you can always tell the difference. You could argue that anyone evil has mental illness. That is something to discuss another day!

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