arlin report thought of the day: if trump were silent

Everybody, mostly the Socialist Democratic Left are in a twitter that Trump asked China and the Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

Here is my take on Trump asking a country any country to investigate an individual or individuals of corruption. If President Trump or any president in the future suspects or has reason to believe someone may be corrupt, our president has an obligation/duty to communicate with/ask for assistance. Investigate. If Trump suspected corruption/wrong doing AND SAID NOTHING, then he would be sweeping it under the rug. He/she would be guilty of covering up, therefore an accomplice to such corruption. It should not matter if that individual being investigated is a political candidate/opponent or not. They are the one(s) that put themselves in position of having such an investigation initiated and executed in the first place. Don’t be crooked or corrupt and it won’t happen.

On this same subject: The Dems are screaming Trump is doing it again, he is doing it on national T.V. before our eyes.

Trump only said: China and the Ukraine “SHOULD” look into the Bidens. BIG DEAL!

Mitt Romney, you really are a Democrat. Keep talking, you sound like John McCain …………a turn coat.

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