Where The GOP Is Wrong

Republicans, fight back, do what is right! When will you do your own investigations? The corruption is out there. GET AGGRESSIVE! Put the American people first for once! DO IT NOW!

The Lone Cactus

I’m not always a fan of the Republican party. In fact, I think there are many times the Grand Ol’ Party screws up much more than the Democrats, and this is one of those times.

We are in the beginning of what I really truly feel is the next revolution in our country’s history. On the left, you have the “globalist socialist” movement that has been waiting for this point in history for decades. On the right, you’ve got the more “nationalist Constitutionalists” that feel that we need to follow the Founding Fathers’ documents. The left feels that we need to tear down America and build it back up as a socialist democracy, more like a European socialist country.

And what you’re seeing right now in Washington DC is a fight for survival. Donald Trump has peeled back the curtain that has existed for decades in “The Club”. Democrats and…

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