mark levin sounds off on whistleblower

Whistleblower could have been anyone, a homeless person off the street, set up by Dems (Adam Schiff). I mean after all Schiff had a copy of the whistler’s complaint as of Aug. 12th (2019). Supposedly the whistleblower is a CIA (former ?) agent. If not, maybe its Adam Schiff? How would we know? Except, IG should have interviewed him/her/it! Sound crazy? What isn’t in D.C. anymore?

Oh and it is now obvious that Nancy Pelosi had a copy of the whistleblowers complaint, most likely coming from Adam Schiff. Why else did she decide to go along with an impeachment inquiry? We didn’t think the complaint had been released yet. They were all like they didn’t have it.

3 thoughts on “mark levin sounds off on whistleblower”

  1. Hi Repugnant-cans! Can you say “Bye Bye?” The comrade is going down and so is Fux News along with him. Just like anyone that ever gets involved with the Orange Boy, they get burned.

    Loving life and wallowing in excitement and delight…….


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