hillary clinton says: trump “is a corrupt human tornado”

Are you laughing as much as I am on this quote by one of the most if not most corrupt human beings to ever walk the streets of Washington D.C., Arkansas and New York (Trump is a corrupt human tornado). Actually I should say, in the history of the United States. Hillary makes Benedict Arnold look like an angel.

Will if anyone knows corruption it is Hillary. Therefore, her remarks about Trump being corrupt……… well she’s just Hillary being Hillary. She misdirects to take focus off herself, corruption wise, but she loves the attention. After all her name has come up many times lately, rehashing Hillary’s behavior. Problem is, we could write volumes of books and never cover all of Hillary’s corruption and the Clinton Crime Cartel. This witch just never has learned when to keep her mouth shut. More to come on Hillary I am sure. I don’t necessarily mean from me either. Trump is exposing The Swamp. Biden just happens to be on the list. Hillary and Obama’s Administration probably down the line, soon. I say Obama’s Administration with Obama at the top, its just easier than naming all of his administration individually.

I worry about our President, not what he will do or is doing, but what they, the Deep State will do to him. If they can’t remove him from office by impeachment, or via an election (voting him out), I fear for his life. The Deep State will doing anything, do what ever they believe it takes to keep their agenda alive. Especially now, after Epstein’s “suicide”, will we ever know the 1,000 names that were engaged in his sex games with young girls? How many of those names are involved in the coup against Trump?

By the way, Hillary doesn’t have a good record of predicting election results! This is good news for Trump.

4 thoughts on “hillary clinton says: trump “is a corrupt human tornado””

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    Hillary Clinton says “corrupt human tornado” trump won’t win re-election.

    When Hillary, who is the pot calling the kettle black, starts blathering someone is corrupt – no matter who they are – then she has to be one to know one. She is guilty as sin.

    She has put women in a bad light with her lying and lawlessness. That is why people don’t trust women in power for this reason. You see it every day in the halls of Congress. Power is not something some women can handle.


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    1. I was about to make a post about Hillary being the pot that called the kettle black as she today once again doubled and tripled down. She thinks she is significant, when people, even democrats are laughing at her.


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