comey back then on hillary

The Clinton Cartel: It makes people in power do things they would not normally do. James Comey got sucked in to the witchery spells of Hillary Clinton. James once he gets nailed for his crimes, will he wish he had indicted Hillary?

arlin report thought of the day: we’d go to jail

We’d (you and me) go to jail if we did some of the things people in government (elected & appointed) are doing and getting away with. Comey comes to immediate mind. I know the investigations are probably not complete yet, but ……….. Will we ever see justice on the upper (uppity) level? I won’t start on the Clintons, not now. Some have gone to jail for lying to the FBI, and under the Mueller investigation. Those being the lesser of crimes. How is Flynn’s sins against the government greater than Comey conspiring to keep Hillary out of jail.?