arlin report thought of the day: joe biden, (hillary moment(s))

“What did I say wrong?” He doesn’t truly know! Joe, it’s time to go home! I say this sadly, “You may be ready for the nursing home”!

Joe reminds me of Hillary struggling on the campaign trail, where she made no sense, needed assistance walking! Joe go home before you fall on your face! We don’t want to see that! You mean well, just don’t have it, never did!

3 thoughts on “arlin report thought of the day: joe biden, (hillary moment(s))”

  1. My wife, who worked in the Nursing Home industry for 30 years says that he is suffering from the middle stages of Alzheimers. She says she’s seen those symptoms a million times before. Yeah…he’s NOT the kind of candidate we need. Kinda reminds you of Hillary running and sicker than a dog, doesn’t it?


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