Joe Biden wanted his supporters to know, as he was about to spit out another gaffe that: “I want to be clear, I am not going nuts!”

Well Joe, no you’re not “going nuts”, YOU ARE NUTS! Why would you have to say that? Think about it, you have your own doubts!

Joe has been having an especially difficult time knowing where he is and where he has been lately. Okay, lets be fair here. Aside from Joe Biden having some nutty tendencies (he isn’t totally nuts), and who doesn’t, he is showing serious signs of aging symptoms. Senility!

He thinks he is in Vermont, when he is in New Hampshire. I get it he probably speaks quicker than his mind can think. Another aging sign! Seriously though, do you want our President to say “I love being here in France”, if he is in Germany? I know some critic of mine will come back at me and say “Trump did it!” The point is, it is more than just a habit with Biden, he does this all the time. He isn’t going to get better at public speaking, only worse! It won’t make any difference that someone else is writing his speeches. He goes off script! And all those conferences and questions he’ll be taking. Gaffe, gaffe, gaffe…………the media would love it!

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