joe biden campaign speech or trump bash today 8/7/19

Biden had a lot to say today, but only about President Donald Trump. Bash Trump, bash Trump and bash him some more. That was it. Biden had all of his own Rah, Rah, Rahing, this is America period statements, but as is typical Joe Biden, he had nothing of significance to say. Biden just blamed Trump for everything wrong, even if it is right it is wrong. According to Biden Trump is out to destroy America and all its institutions. What Joe avoided saying was Trump was out to destroy the institution of the Deep State in Washington. Joe Biden took the day that Trump is visiting Dayton and El Paso, to speak his BS.

What Biden did say was he was not going to allow Trump to be re-elected. Now, Sleepy Joe did not say how he was going to do that. We already know that the Clinton Cartel, which apparently includes the Obama Administration, the DNC and the Comey Klan COULD NOT KEEP TRUMP FROM BEING ELECTED. And crazy Joe Biden thinks he is the man to stop Trump. I admit, Biden had his Democratic crowd of listeners in Burlington, Iowa stirred up today. It only took Trump bashing to excite them. Again, O’Biden (yep I said O’Biden) gave no game plan of his own. Oh except conveniently saying he was going to pass more gun control laws. He didn’t give a definite plan for even that.

Give Biden credit for one thing, I guess; he is taking advantage of those that will listen to him during the wake of the Dayton and El Paso shootings, while emotions are high and low for that matter.

By the way, Trump would have been criticized if he hadn’t gone to Dayton or El Paso. He gets criticized regardless. The Dems would have said Trump wasn’t being presidential or sympathetic if he’d stayed home. If Trump stays home, they, his critics would scream it is because he is racist. Thank God Trump doesn’t listen to the Left’s crap!

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    How much further is Joe Biden willing to climb into the gutter to meet the competition? Not surprising after Biden kept drinking that Obama kool aide for eight years – and caught the thuggery worm. He will just keep inching along the campaign highway matching each of the candidates to the next extreme.


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