Robert mueller: I can’t get into that, ummm…. I won’t get into that.


My assessment, Robert Mueller was extremely overpaid. Did Mueller actually investigate anything, or much? He didn’t appear to know much about what was even in HIS report. By the way, he didn’t write the report, most likely. He didn’t exactly claim to have. So, it was an attempt of something from his staff of Trump haters. Oh and Mueller’s appearance today, his testimony, it was almost like he wasn’t even there. Mueller admitted the 9 min. news conference statement where he announced he was closing the office, etc., etc., etc., and that the report WAS HIS TESTIMONY, was not written by him. Just what did Mueller really do?

Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, what a freaking ironic joke. Ignorance leads Intelligence Committee!

I pray that if I ever need to go before a court and jury of my peers, they are not members of the United States Congress judiciary committees.

5 thoughts on “Robert mueller: I can’t get into that, ummm…. I won’t get into that.”

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