Image result for pictures of hope hicks white house


Hope Hicks has proven she is smarter than those from Jerry Nadler’s congressional lynch mob.  They, the mob (The Swamp) learned nothing new, nothing they didn’t already have from the Mueller Report.  What they want is someone to come in to explain things so they, the congressional morons, don’t actually have to read the Mueller Report for themselves.  They can’t/won’t accept the Mueller Report, investigated and reported by their “Man for the job”,  because they didn’t get the smoking gun they were HOPING for.   No pun intended Ms. (Hope) Hicks.   Hey, I haven’t met you but at least I can remember your name.

What a farce, Jerry Nadler is.   He can’t even remember the name of a witness he called in.  Nadler’s excuse:  “Sorry, I am preoccupied!”    Didn’t happen just once, at least twice.

Nadler you are so like Joe Biden.  Preoccupied?  Really?   Oh and obviously you have no control over the members of this judiciary committee….. they can’t follow your instructions to keep it confidential.  You have a leaker under your own crooked nose.

Seems several members of your committee are more interested in taking pictures of Ms. Hicks and sharing than participating.   Even they understand this is just a political stage show.


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