The Biggest Undercover Dairy Investigation in History- Fair Oaks Farms & Coca-Cola

This video is difficult to watch, only a sick bastard will enjoy viewing, but you need to see to find out what is really happening down on the farm.    Fair Oaks Farms must be shut down and anyone that has ever been employed there should be prosecuted along with ownership.   Coca Cola is a distributor!   Do they even know what they are into!   Pathetic, disgusting.   Fair Oaks even has an amusement park, where they show there calves and kids can milk them.  The amusement park is disguised to show wonderful treatment of the calves.   The real world is back on the farm where they are severely abused!   

6 thoughts on “The Biggest Undercover Dairy Investigation in History- Fair Oaks Farms & Coca-Cola”

  1. IIn the first place Human Bodies are not designed by nature to digest meat – our intestines are too very long so meat gets stuck in them, and rots very badly. I hope this will help to educate people on meat-eating:
    human bodies are not designed by nature to devour meat – period. Human intestines are too very long to properly digest meat like predators do. Meat gets stuck & rots in our long intestines… We try to eat cooked meat because Unlike real predators who have very high acidity in stomachs that is killing bad bacteria easily developing in raw meat.

    Cooked meat has less bacteria but is very hard to digest…

    We shall learn this basic fact in elementary schools. Predators, like big cats, hunt for food once in 2/3 weeks. UNLIKE HUMANS, predators maintain populations of other local animals healthy and balanced within their environment.The following points help prove that a natural human diet is, in fact, vegan—and that enslaving animals, stealing their milk and eggs, and killing them simply isn’t what nature intended.
    Think you’re a paleo caveman or -woman? Well …

    Although many humans choose to eat both plants and meat, earning us the dubious title of “omnivore,” we’re anatomically herbivorous. The good news is that if you want to eat like our ancestors, you still can: Nuts, vegetables, fruit, and legumes are the basis of a healthy vegan lifestyle.
    Our Teeth, Jaws, and Nails
    Humans have short, soft fingernails and small “canine” teeth. In contrast, carnivores all have sharp claws and large canine teeth that are capable of tearing flesh.
    Carnivores’ jaws move only up and down, requiring them to tear chunks of flesh from their prey and swallow them whole. Humans and other herbivores can move their jaws up and down and from side to side, allowing them to grind up fruit and vegetables with their back teeth. Like other herbivores’ teeth, humans’ back molars are flat for grinding fibrous plant foods.
    Dr. Richard Leakey, a renowned anthropologist, summarizes, “You can’t tear flesh by hand, you can’t tear hide by hand. Our anterior teeth are not suited for tearing flesh or
    hide. We don’t have large canine teeth, and we wouldn’t have been able to deal with food sources that require those large canines.”
    Stomach Acidity
    Carnivorous animals swallow their food whole, relying on extremely acidic stomach juices to break down flesh and kill the dangerous bacteria in it, which would otherwise sicken or kill them. Our stomach acids are much weaker in comparison, because strong acids aren’t needed to digest prechewed fruits and vegetables.
    Intestinal Length
    Animals who hunt have short intestinal tracts and colons that allow meat to pass through their bodies relatively quickly, before it can rot and cause illness. Humans’ intestinal tracts are much longer than those of carnivores of comparable size. Longer intestines allow the body more time to break down fiber and absorb the nutrients from plant-based foods, but they make it dangerous for humans to eat meat. The bacteria in meat have extra time to multiply during the long trip through the digestive system, increasing the risk of food poisoning. Meat actually begins to rot while it makes its way through human intestines, which increases the risk of developing colon cancer.

    Read Dr. Milton Mills‘ entire article on the topic to learn more.

    Human Evolution and the Rise of Meat-Heavy Diets
    If it’s so unhealthy and unnatural for humans to eat meat, why did our ancestors sometimes turn to flesh for sustenance? Author of the book The Power of Your Plate, Dr. Neal Barnard, talks about humans’ early diet, explaining that we “had diets very much like other great apes, which is to say a largely plant-based diet …. meat-eating probably began by scavenging—eating the leftovers that carnivores had left behind. However, our bodies have never adapted to it. To this day, meat-eaters have a higher incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other problems.”Briana Pobiner, paleoanthropologist at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, adds, “[F]ruit and different plants and other things that we may have eaten maybe became less available. . . . The meat-eating that we do, or that our ancestors did even back to the earliest time we were eating meat, is culturally mediated. You need some kind of processing technology in order to eat meat .… So I don’t necessarily think we are hardwired to eat meat.”
    There’s Something About Dairy
    Humans started domesticating cattle only 10,000 years ago. Until then, children who stopped breastfeeding also stopped making the enzyme lactase and became lactose intolerant. After the domestication of cattle, however, the human digestive tract began to process dairy “products.” Groups who do not rely on cattle—like the Pima tribe, the Chinese and Thai, and the Bantu of West Africa—continue to be lactose intolerant today.
    The Unfortunate Modern Diet
    Until recently, only the wealthiest people could afford to feed, raise, and slaughter animals for meat, while everyone else ate mostly plant foods. Consequently, prior to the 20th century, only the rich were plagued routinely with diseases such as heart disease and obesity.Now that animal flesh has become relatively cheap and is easily available (thanks to the cruel, cost-cutting practices of farming), deadly ailments such as heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and obesity have spread to people across the socio-economic spectrum. And as the Western lifestyle spills over into less-developed areas of Asia and Africa, people there, too, have begun to suffer and die from diseases associated with meat-based diets.
    When humans consume animal protein, research shows a link to cancer of the colon, breast, prostate, and pancreas. According to nutrition expert T. Colin Campbell, the director of the Cornell-China-Oxford Project on Nutrition, Health, and the Environment, “In the next ten years, one of the things you’re bound to hear is that animal protein . . . is one of the most toxic nutrients of all that can be considered.”
    THANK YOU, DARREN BROLLO!!!! Blessings.

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      1. Very grateful! THANK YOU SO MUCH! SOME OF US LEARN AND CARE FOR NATURE AND ITS ANIMALS. It’s important to learn and understand who we, humans, are …
        But so sorry, I COULD NOT EDIT MY TYPOS and repetitive paragraphs in my comment! (Do not know how to do it on your site.) BLESSINGS!!!

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