New Zealand gun owners snub ban to turn in guns big time!

That is a revolutionary statement!

2 thoughts on “New Zealand gun owners snub ban to turn in guns big time!”

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    Smart people. When the government wants to ban your guns – then you have a group leading your country who do not have good intentions for the country/people. Otherwise, why would they want your guns? Guns mean people can defend themselves. A good example is Chicago, IL, where the people are not smart enough to know that the the officials who have banned their guns in the city are taking away their Constitutional rights. What are they thinking or do they think for themselves? Chicago is the murder capital of the world. The folks in the city think they are being taken care of?


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    1. Its about the numbers. The number of New Zealanders who DID NOT turn them in significantly overwhelm those who did and wanted them to. The same would happen here. Do they really want to have that conflict? It would be a revolution.


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