Mueller gave a rather brief, direct news conference today.   The Mainstream Media is referring to it as “Mueller’s bombshell remarks”.   Nothing new, no news.  ‘News Conference’ with old news presented in Mueller’s Report.   My guess 90-95% of the House members never even read it.   I doubt that Nancy Pelosi even read it.   Its thick people!

You can purchase the Mueller Report, Sam’s Club for about ten bucks.   I picked it up, thumbed through it and it looks like a reference law book.

Mueller:  ‘Didn’t say he (Trump) didn’t do it, didn’t commit a crime’.  Guess what?  He didn’t say he did either!   And, did what?   Oh yeah, collusion and obstruction.   You can’t obstruct it there is no crime.

Impeachment, cover-up accusations from Nancy.   Go for it!   Democrats can’t even say what the charges for impeachment would be.   Mueller said, “No Americans were involved with the Russians to fix (interfere) our election.”  By the way, they’ve been trying to influence our elections forever.

Soon it will the impeachment folks of the Democratic House vs. Barr’s investigation of the investigators, including the Obama administration, along with Hillary paying for a FAKE DOSSIER to frame Trump.  This could be the greatest boomerang effect in the history of American politics.

Mueller couldn’t indict a sitting President Trump, the Constitution doesn’t allow it.   But Mueller still could have said, ‘Yes he is guilty (of whatever), but I can’t indict him.”   But, Mueller DID NOT SAY THAT EITHER!  Mueller didn’t have enough evidence to prove Trump committed ANY crime.   PERIOD!

No, Donald Trump or any president (such as Clinton, Nixon and Obama) is above the law.   But when you have no evidence of wrong doing, other than it is only what you’ve been wishing for; he is not BELOW THE LAW EITHER!


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