Former FBI Director Comey can’t keep his mouth shut these days.  Like any guilty party he is desperately trying to get his story out there before the “real” story is revealed, which is exactly what Comey is afraid of.

Comey is scared to death what AG Barr will find and will be obligated to present to the public.   Forget the Mueller Report, that had nothing, two years of nothing.  The Barr Report will expose many, including Comey for what Comey did and did not do.   Congress, especially the Democrats in the House are shaking as well.   This is why they are trying to give Barr the boot.   They too are nervous, or should be, the Barr Investigation has just begun.


  1. Cannot wait to see these psychotic demagogs in hard-labor camps for trying to ruin my beloved country, badly disturbing us with hysterical moronic scandals while we are busy with daily responsibilities and everyday hard work. Dems are obviously political CRIMINALS making our country very unsafe while making us spend soooo much time for dealing with these screaming Psychotics. Right now Mental institution or hard-labor camps are the only appropriate places for the actively criminal Democrats.

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      1. I mean these cannot be taken seriously, and reason with them as if they are, somewhat, thinking people. Too much time is getting wasted on these sick psychopaths, and IGNORANTLY STUPID political CROOKS – Makes me mad that we must unwillingly pay them for their “jobs” literally destroying our country.
        Like your site!!


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