Barr testified in front of the Senate, then refused to show for the House Zoo Committee.   The House will bring people before them (Barr included) to get the “preferred” answers Mueller would not/could not give them.  Trying to trick Barr into saying crap that they know is not true, they’ll keep this tactic up until someone is willing to tell the ultimate lie.

The Democrats have a huge problem, but they are too stupid to let well enough alone:  Simply put Barr has more intelligence than all of Congress combined.  Barr recognizes political grandstanding.   The fact Mueller’s report didn’t come crashing down on Trump the way the Democrats hoped should have ended this fake story.

If Democrats are going to continue this road of deceit to remove Trump ( & now Barr), how can they possibly believe the American voter can believe anything presented by the Democrats and DNC in the future?

The reason Democrats are screaming for Barr to resign?   He’ll investigate those load mouths that started all this crap.   They are afraid of what Barr will find. The truth, and it won’t bode well for Democrats.   Hey Adam, hey Jerry, and lets not forget Hillary and Obama, sweating yet?

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