Kamala Harris admits the Democrats have needed therapy

Trump drives Democrats/liberals and Socialist Democrats as well NUTS!   We saw the reaction in 2016 when he won the Presidency fair and square and according to our Constitution.  We saw the tears, the screams the Zombie look when their Princess Hillary LOST.

Now, a Democratic hopeful for their party’s nomination for president acknowledges some of those whom she refers to as “us” (no Kamala not all of us) has needed individual and group therapy.   She said some of us…….. would that include you Kamala?

At first I thought this must be a joke (the video of Kamala’s therapy necessity statement).   It comes from a post by the Tea Party.   Now I don’t hold everything the TP says to be the solemn truth, actually I don’t take their word for anything; but make no mistake about it, the video is clearly Kamala Harris, and her comments about therapy are hers.   Now this must be an accurate description of the Democratic/liberal followers, as we all know Kamala is THE representative of their thoughts and feelings.   She is so close to “her people” she can feel their pain.

My thoughts, this proves the instability of the Democratic Party.   Donald Trump’s election and his residency in the office of The President have many Dems in a state of a near nervous breakdown; while some have reached a total breakdown.  Some have shown evidence of insanity.   Adam Schiff, and Schumer come in mind. Nancy has always been off her rocker.   If this is what drives you crazy to a point you need mental therapy Kamala, we certainly don’t need a president that loses it when the heat is on.

See Kamala’s comment in the video on the link below.