Bernie Sanders wants incarcerated criminals to have the right to VOTE, including murderous felons, rapists and the likes of.

THIS IS HOW SOCIALISTS THINK.   Socialist are about breaking down the core of SOCIETY.  They have been trying, often silently to divide us, destroy our moral souls and civic morals.   The difference in Socialists today from yesterday, they are open about it, arrogant.   They feel they can be because the socialist content has filtered in, as was their plan.  Stupid thinkers have broken Hillary’s glass ceiling!

I don’t think you can make Bernie Sanders or his followers understand that when you are convicted of a crime, you often go to prison (incarceration BERNIE).   You lose rights of privilege.  Incarcerated prisoners have a right to food, water, a bed, a roof, COMPANY OF THEIR PEERS, the right to drop to your knees for prayer and ask for forgiveness, medical treatment.  Some get visitors and an occasional phone call, concessionary for your smokes and candy.

Bernie, if you give incarcerated criminals a voting booth, where does it end?   If they have the same rights as law abiding citizens (while under incarceration) what incentives do they have to be released and earn back rights that were lost?   Actually lost is a bad word, they forfeited their rights when they acted in an unlawful way upon conviction.  Hell, like I said, they have a bed, food & water, medical treatment (better than many), nobody is breaking into their house (except maybe their brothers and sisters in the prison community for a little coziness), some are getting their GEDs or maybe diplomas.  They get free TV, so they can watch the evening news and hear all you want to give them Bernie.   You’re just trying to build your own personal Socialist community, gain some favor.   You are giving people now free incentive to break the law, get incarcerated.  For many being locked up would be a better life than what they have on the street.

I get it though Bernie, Socialists like you are about breaking down society.   You’ll say and do whatever it takes for a vote.

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