Adam Schiff Pressed On Steele Dossier – Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

Adam Schiff is correct, Russia interfered in our 2016 election……….interfered but with no change to the outcome.   Truth is Russia interfered in 2012 and the election before that and the one before that.   On and on that scenario goes.   It is what they do.  Hell its what we do, and nobody knows that better than Hillary Clinton.

While the Russians may not be successful flipping an election, they are successful at further dividing Americans, especially our easily trumped (no pun) elected officials into total paranoia that the other is crooked.   Well we don’t need any Russian activity against us to show corruption within, we have plenty of idiots in that role all on their own.   The thing is Hillary used a fake dossier, fed by disinformation by Russians to use against Trump.   Kind of treasonous act I would say.   Hillary isn’t smart enough to do it on her own, she did have the jack to fund it though.  Knowing this was illegal, an illegal act to get Trump out of office.   A coup, a conspiracy coup of those who assisted.   This started during Obama’s administration, by his administration and others of the Deep Dark State in DC.


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