Trump vs. Hillary……..again, not what you think!

Trump’s administration, AG Barr should definitely further investigate, go after Hillary Clinton and Obama’s administration.    President Trump do not even contemplate whether you should go after Hillary.   She certainly will not and is not hesitating going after you.   Hillary says Trump should have been indicted.    Really?!  There is not a human in this country more worthy of being sought after for prosecution than Hillary R. Clinton.   Speak of having extreme arrogance of being above the law??  Nobody comes close to HRC.   You know the bitch that paid for the fake dossier about Trump’s collusion with Russia.  Though she failed, she is guilty of trying to frame Trump.

Trump should go all in to have Hillary Clinton indicted.

2 thoughts on “Trump vs. Hillary……..again, not what you think!”

  1. Absolutely Barr should investigate Hillary and Obama! And Holder, and Lynch, and Lerner and the list goes on and on and on. That was one of the most corrupt administrations since U.S. Grant!


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    This woman, Hillary Clinton , committed crimes against our country and is not above the law and has to be brought to justice. If the country allows her to get away with these crimes – it will only encourage to continue breaking the law.


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