Pocahontas Warren, wants to reopen a discussion to compensate DESCENDANTS of slaves.  Here is an age-old question she fails to address, where does this extra federal funding come from?   Another tax princess?  Oh and Poca, I had nothing to do with slavery.   Why would I pay such a fine?

Talk about reparation!!   Native Americans were rustled up and placed on reservations (land they already owned, but of little value), placed under control (imprisoned).  Now, I think it’s a great time to re-submit the question (oh wait, it has never been discussed) of BROKEN TREATIES with Indian tribes across this nation.   Lies! Nothing but lies.


  1. Seems that Agenda 21 Global socialistic-control over humans and all nature is the US and some European Dems ultimate goal – we can see it clearly in everything they do and say. It is all about the removal of our property rights, choices of an economic system, and cultural preferences.
    We can recognize the agenda of the New Socialistic Democratic ORDER over the entire Globe and natural environments. No nations, no borders, no basic human rights, and no private properties.

    However, populations must Not know what is happening to them, they are helpless and extremely needy and must be lead into new hell by the UN’s Agenda 30!


  2. Let’s go back centuries and even millennia ago???? Lets argue over what humans have done or have not done before we have popped up in this world? No one is alive here any longer to judge, argue, fight for revenge, and start another bloody war… However, we have many of those morons with old recycling mentalities of the dead past who actually insist on living in the hostilities of the past… (Not enough to deal with angry idiocy that is cooking right now all over the planet?) It’s not easy for human nature that is addicted to the past to become more soberly intelligent, and allow our society to evolve, learn and build a more peaceful and wise future …

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      1. It seems to me that very many people are absolutely unable to really work and PRODUCE something truly VALUABLE and useful, but amazingly, they get generously paid for their “talents” to furiously scold in public, while turning our society into a mental institution. Love your site. Cheers!


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    Pok-her-highness Warren and her socialist friends are really turning into “sob sisters.” These people all have a vested interests in government programs that keeps people in a state of dependency. In the newspaper business the term “sob sister” was a woman reporter who was only able to write about divorce, sick children, and family tragedy which reduced the newspaper readers to crying in their cereal. In the old days, it referred to the family bread winner who always ended being the drunk and the poor family who ended being dependent on the government. This type of family is the Democrat’s favorite voter. They use that issue against the right during election time and always drag out their switch blade to carve out the issue – how they help the poor.

    Warren’s reparation is just another switch blade to keep these people on the socialist’s payroll for control purposes. Warren used this same onion to become successful; but, the layers of her success are being pulled back layer by layer and it does smell to high heaven.

    You can never trust this dishonest women.


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